Gridspan Energy takes care of all the logistics supporting both battery transportation and seamless implementation of our mobile energy storage solutions.


Gridspan Energy's modular battery systems always deliver the optimal mix of electricity

delivery & storage for each island's unique needs. 


Gridspan Energy's E-Nakt™

software, ensures that each MEST solution operates flawlessly and is always providing maximum value to our clients' electricity systems.


Mobile energy storage transmission (MEST) is an innovative solution which complements the shortcomings of conventional electricity transmission; specifically, the techno-economic inefficiencies of subsea cabled transmission and small-scale diesel generation. This novel electricity delivery solution uses modular battery systems to transport electricity from one market to another via conventional freight systems.


In essence, MEST is a flexible alternative to conventional transmission that utilizes freight logistics, energy storage technology, and regional electricity price differentials to connect markets separated by large bodies of water or other substantial geographic features. In addition to using our mobile battery systems for MEST, our systems act as a 2-in-1 Storage & Transmission Solution; providing many of same benefits as stationary storage.

MEST Solutions can provide substantial benefits to island electricity systems:

  • Electricity cost reduction (up to 50%)

  • Improved system reliability

  • Disaster relief & recovery applications

  • Reduced environmental impact*

  • Permanent job creation

  • Facilitates uptake of renewable generation

  • Enables import/export of clean energy

Gridspan Energy's E-Nakt software enables the customer to maximize these benefits.

*compared to typical alternatives

Allows users to maximize their MEST solution. It gives access to both the customer and the Gridspan Team in order ensure the system is running smoothly and efficiently.

As a mobile energy storage unit moves between nodes, users are able to access data on the system's operations.


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Electricity Systems for Island Communities
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